Aptly known as ‘the Land of high Passes’ Ladakh is one of the most unique and enchanting regions of India. This sparsely populated, vast landscape is a dream destination for adventure lovers worldwide. The Leh- Kashmir expedition is an unprecedented chance to experience the charm of the region. As the expedition is 30 days long, we will have ample time to explore this vast cold desert at a slow and relaxing pace. We will start our Leh Kashmir expedition from Kerala, and [ we can also arrange for a customized bike tour package for you]. This itinerary has been well-researched and carefully formulated after looking back at several of our trips in the past.

Locations we cover : DELHI, LEH, KASHMIR, MANALI, MUMBAI,

Country/Region North India
Package Bike Ride
Trip Date 05-Jan-2021
Duration 30 days